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Liz Bolt, Fashion Business Consultant

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Drapers delivers the content you need to make better business decisions.

Since it first appeared as The Drapers’ Record on 6 August 1887, the weekly title has been the number one provider of news, views, information and analysis for the sector. Today Drapers magazine is augmented by a stylish and content-rich website,, which provides the industry with breaking new stories, up-to-the-minute reactions, exclusive video coverage and specially-commissioned in-depth reports.

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Trade Show Coverage

Covering everything from Top Drawer to London Fashion Week, discover what’s happening in fashion around the world without leaving your desk. Support your yearly forecasts with the seasonal guides, high-street previews and catwalk trends.

Interviews with the industry’s finest

Backed up by well-researched and timely features on many aspects of the fashion industry, and the people that shape it, The Drapers Interview is a favourite feature within Drapers' weekly content. Ensure you get your weekly dose of invaluable tips and tricks from the industry’s finest in 2015.

Breaking news and opinion, delivered daily

From new store openings to businesses ceasing trading and individuals changing positions in the industry, keep up to date with the fashion stories that get everyone talking.

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Invest in business intelligence designed for the fashion industry.

Ensure you have the insight you need to react to the crucial issues affecting the industry

  • Respond to breaking fashion news that matters, first

  • Inform your buying list with our seasonal specials, tradeshow coverage and trend insight 

  • Access our indicator to see what’s selling now

  • Use our industry analysis to see what your competitors are up to

  • Read opinions from experts in the field 

  • Identify new opportunities in our changing landscape

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