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Frequently Asked Questions

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Drapers brings together everything you need to know about today's fast-paced fashion industry.

It’s expensive/ I can’t afford it

Drapers is a quality product, produced by the leading journalists. The information you read will give you genuine up to date, new insight every single day. Our customers tell us that Drapers pays for itself many times over by them acting on the information they read.

I read Drapers for FREE online

Okay but you will only be getting a small slice of what we do, you may miss something that could be critical. Our customers find that Drapers pays for itself easily. It’s surprisingly great value to access such relevant and beneficial information that we believe will deliver a fantastic ROI for your business.

I don’t have time to read it

We now have more choices to help people get just the products they need. We have digital package options available and a new app ensuring you can catch up on breaking news and stories on your commute.

I to want consume digitally

Great we now have the product just for you - click here
I read a colleague’s copy

60% of all content we produce today is digital only and not in the magazine, you need to subscribe to get the main part of our news and information. You can get up to the minute information to help you win business or gain advantage.

Why isn’t digital much cheaper?

Whilst we won’t be printing the magazine we are investing in digital products and journalists we are able to deliver more information to more products. We are delivering great value to our customers with key information to help and support their daily roles in retail.